Christian University and Theological Seminary:

Christian University and Theological Seminary, Inc. is a modern day seminary to prepare students for ministry. Students take classes that are prepared by seminary professors and theologically trained educators online or in a classroom setting. Free classes are taught locally for Milwaukee residents. Potential Students may review the Facebook Page of Christian University and Theological Seminary for more information prior to enrollment or contact us by a direct email to [email protected].

Crisis Ministry:

The Christian Church of God helps others with food, clothing and shelter. The financial support is provided and made possible by the contributions made by the Pastor of the church & any other financial contributor that has an interest in supporting the charitable cause. Although the church does not request assistance or financial support from parishioners, contributions and donations are accepted and utilized to support the poor and feed the hungry.

Street Ministry:

The Church takes the good news of salvation to the streets and proclaims the good news to the sinner. All members are asked to be involved with the street ministry and with distributing gospel tracts. “Go to the hedges and highways and compel all the will come to come.” “And you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses.” Act 1:8